Technical Support for the Ataman TCP Remote Logon Services (ATRLS)

Before contacting technical support, please make sure you do the following:

Simplify the problem.

If you are using a scan gun, try coming in with a telnet program instead. External link: the open-source Putty program

If you are automatically running a program at logon via the “Interactive Cmd Processor” setting in the user account setup (see section 10.1.1 of USERMAN.pdf), temporarily remove that setting, so that you will be given a standard Windows Command Prompt. (Write down the setting so you can restore it later.)

If you are able to logon to the command prompt, then the problem is not with our software and we will be unable to help you.

Make sure the account has the right to logon locally.

This is most easily done by logging in as that user on the main console of the machine where the ATRLS is installed. If the user is unable to do this, you will need to grant the user the right to logon locally. External link: Microsoft on Granting the Right to Logon Locally

Consult both the Windows System AND Application Event Logs.

Look for entries from us or from the Service Manager.

If you find errors, consult the FAQ (section 12.2) of USERMAN.pdf. Most common errors are covered in detail there. If you ask our technical support about one of these, you will normally be directed to this section, so save yourself some time and look there first.

Finally, contact technical support.

You can reach us at:

Please include:

  • The ATRLS version (available from the Ataman TCP R.L. Services control panel).
  • Your OS version (i.e. Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, etc.).
  • The exact text of any error messages.
  • A description of what is not working.

We are not able to help you with any of the following:

  • Setting Windows permissions. (The possible side-effects are beyond what we can reasonably know.)
  • Configuring scan guns… there are a huge number of these in the world.
  • Configuring third-party packages.